Board selection process reveals deeper commitment to multi-modal transportation

Earlier this year, the Travis County Commissioners Court voted to reappoint David Armbrust to our board and to send us a new board member: John Langmore. At our February board meeting, John Langmore was sworn in as our newest board member, taking over for Charles Heimsath, who was appointed to the board in 2010.

The Governor of Texas appoints the Mobility Authority chairman, and the Travis and Williamson Counties Commissioners Courts each appoint three members to serve on our seven-member board of directors.

In the interview proceedings leading up to those choices, we saw a renewed interest in expanding the services the Mobility Authority provides. It reminded those following the selection process that our mandate isn’t just building the essential roads and highways that receive most of the public attention: Our mission is to bring transportation solutions to everyone in our region, including  public transit travelers who use buses and other forms of transportation other than personal automobiles and commercial vehicles.

“Our mission is really more than toll roads,” said David Armbrust to the interview committee. “We have very broad statutory powers and it could be many other things.”

Exactly right.


Mobility means more than roads

New board member John Langmore was previously a stabilizing board member at Capital Metro, Austin’s regional public transportation provider. He will surely bring a welcome point of view and advocacy towards expanding and deepening our partnership with public transit authorities here in Central Texas.

Both John and David reinforce the Mobility Authority’s multi-modal mission since its creation in 2002, and are broadly committed to finding and realizing any viable transportation solutions that measurably reduce congestion and enhance quality of life in Central Texas.

Our first wave at the Mobility Authority has been the modernization and build out of the highway grid that now moves hundreds of thousands of commuters across and around the two-county metro area each month.

That’s still an important focus. That’s why, when the White House revealed its highly anticipated Infrastructure Plan, I was glad to see the Administration set goals for new infrastructure investments totaling at least $1.5 trillion over the next 10 years.

If and when any grants from the Infrastructure Program come our way in 2018 and 2019, we’re ready to put it to good use to keep our roads moving us all forward.


More collaboration brings more options

The same way you live and work here, we are part of the community that commutes to work every day. Which is why we consider ourselves a community partner, and we make it our job to provide effective transportation solutions.

That was the thinking behind our partnership with Capital Metro, allowing MetroExpress routes to use the Express Lane for free. As soon as the Express Lane fully opened on MoPac, CapMetro added several new routes that would use the Express Lane, increasing multi-modal options for Central Texans. At the Mobility Authority, we value community and see our partner’s success a success for the whole community. Our goals are the same: To bring you time-saving solutions that positively impact your quality of life.

As the Mobility Authority’s recent campaign suggested; Take your time back. You deserve to spend more time doing the things you love, because more time doing the things that make you happy improves the overall quality of life.

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