Going Green on Earth Day and Beyond

Today is Earth Day, a time to remember the importance of protecting our environment. Here in Central Texas, we are blessed with some beautiful landscapes and invaluable resources like the Edwards Aquifer. At the Mobility Authority, protecting those resources is our commitment, not just something we do to check a box.

On March 7th, the Mobility Authority sponsored a tree adoption in partnership with TreeFolks where 500 one-gallon trees were distributed to residents free of charge.

On March 7th, the Mobility Authority sponsored a tree adoption in partnership with TreeFolks, distributing 500 one-gallon trees to residents free of charge.

We instituted the Green Mobility Challenge to encourage a new way of thinking about harmonizing development and the environment. During the evaluation process for the Bergstrom Expressway, we discovered a colony of native honeybees, which would have been destroyed in any construction. Working with community leaders, we moved the colony to a new home far from any roadway project. We also promote new technologies like Carma, which aim to solve congestion by taking more cars off the highway each day.

In addition to a commitment to sustainable development, we go the extra mile and support environmental causes well outside of our right-of-way. After establishing a partnership with Tree Folks as part of the MoPac Improvement Project, we decided to do more, and are supporting the organization’s annual Root Ball.

We know that our community has a lot of needs, and it’s our goal to meet them. But that doesn’t mean we can’t meet them in an environmentally friendly way. After all, we’re from here too.

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