Keeping Central Texas Moving: IBTTA Maintenance & Roadway Operations Workshop

Overhead photo of traffic at major highway intersection as part of IBTTA

The Mobility Authority’s Director of Operations Tim Reilly and I are headed to New Orleans May 21 – 23 to attend the IBTTA’s Roadway Operations and Maintenance Workshop.

International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA) logo. Tolling. Moving SmaterIBTTA (International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association) was founded in 1932, representing toll facility owners, operators, and related businesses from around the world. Currently members from 20 countries on six continents belong to the transportation association, sharing knowledge and ideas while taking advantage of the organization’s many educational and informational resources.

Tim Reilly will be part of that information sharing at this month’s workshop, providing attendees with details of our very own Traffic Management Center (TMC). Housed in the TMC is an intelligent transportation system that allows us to monitor our facilities, coordinate resources for incident management, and respond efficiently to accidents and other traffic flow interruptions.

On the MoPac Express Lane corridor, 17 high-definition cameras will ultimately monitor the traffic to adjust tolls according to usage. Manual overrides for events such as accidents prevent toll increases. The system will ensure that drivers who pay to use the express lanes are not sitting in traffic by balancing vehicle numbers in all lanes for greater overall mobility.

The TMC corresponds well with other discussions planned at the workshop, such as active traffic management and dynamically priced lanes. Other topics and events include a moderated discussion on post-Katrina New Orleans, threat and security assessments in maintenance operations, work zone safety, connected vehicles, innovation and technology in maintenance, issues regarding the increased use of drones, and a resiliency/sustainability open house on the effect of climate change.

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