Keeping Austin Moving the HERO Way

Keeping Austin moving isn’t just about building roads, but also making sure the ones we have keep flowing. When a vehicle stalls or runs out of gas on a congested road, the negative impact to traffic can be serious – not to mention the danger to the driver, who might not have a way to safely repair his vehicle or go for help. It’s human nature for drivers to slow down and get a glimpse of what’s happening. But the slow down creates slow down for everyone.


Watch our HEROs in action in this video ride along with HERO patrol driver Will Mackin

Fortunately, there are HEROs out there to help – the Highway Emergency Response Operators. Established by the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority in 2010 in partnership with TxDOT, the HERO program now has six trucks that patrol I-35 between Georgetown and Kyle and US 183 between I-35 and Lakeline Boulevard. The HERO operators patrol these busy highways because that’s where the help is needed most to manage congestion – and that’s why HERO is here.

You’ve seen it a thousand times: a major traffic snarl develops that backs up for miles from a very simple cause, like a disabled vehicle in a lane – or even on the shoulder. HERO drivers get stranded vehicles and debris off the road quickly and safely, which returns traffic to its normal speed and helps keep traffic moving. Think of them as first responders for the little stuff. If you need help changing a flat, call a HERO. If you see a mattress fly off the truck beside you and land in the lane, call a HERO.

HEROs care. They won’t let you get back on the road until your vehicle is safe. If you can’t make it off the highway, they’ll help you. If you need to wait for a tow truck, they’ll wait with you to keep you and your vehicle safe. If your engine overheats, they’re ready with a jug of water for your radiator, and a bottle of cold water so you won’t overheat either.

For highway assistance, remember this number: (512) 974-HERO (4376). Keep it handy, because everyone needs a HERO now and then.

HERO Services Include:

  • Providing traffic control and assistance to other emergency response personnel during emergency incidents
  • Clearing damaged and disabled vehicles from roadway lanes and shoulders
  • Removing debris from travel lanes and shoulders
  • Providing free assistance to motorists, including:
  • Changing flat tiresHERO.logo.color.web-07-01
  • Providing air to low tires
  • Adding gasoline and water
  • Jump starting batteries
  • Performing minor vehicle repairs
  • Relocating disabled vehicles to safety
  • Calling towing or emergency services
  • Transporting stranded motorists to a safe location
  • Providing cell phone service
  • Providing drinking water to stranded motorists

For more information on the HERO program click here.

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